Happiness is the ultimate form of success.



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Happiness can only be achieved through the training of the mind.
— The Dalai Lama

Once you start training your mind for happiness, your life changes - in the best way possible. 

Every single thing I wanted and worked for in the past few years has become a reality.

Every single thing.

Think about what you truly want in your life...

Maybe it's having $1,000,000 in the bank...

Maybe it's traveling around the world in style...

Maybe it's having an amazing family...

Maybe it's being your own boss...

...why do you want any of that?


Michelle has helped me re-energize my spirit for life. She has reminded me to elevate above the noise and to appreciate the great things that are happening around me and to CELEBRATE them.

Michelle puts the moment first. I’ve been inspired to gives less fucks, be more of myself, and seek happiness & the thrill in all of life’s moments.
— Michelle Piantedosi
Someone once told me that it was like a spa experience being around Michelle Wax and I have got to say, I wholeheartedly agree. Since meeting Michelle, I have been inspired to try new things, take risks and live my life! I will often watch her Wax Life videos when I am feeling down or not worthy of the things that I want in life. She is a truly amazing human being and I feel blessed to know her!
— Phoebe N. Cryan
Vibrant, optimistic, and endurance are words that come to mind when I think of Michelle. She never waivers in these qualities and is able to bring people who surround her up to her level.

After spending 1 day rehearsing in front of her, I pitched my company on a stage in front of 400 people and won 1st place! That’s the kind of stuff that happens when you are around Michelle Wax.
— Berlin Kelly
Michelle has been my motivator! Without her, I would have never started writing and selling my book. It’s even making money on Amazon! Not a bestseller (yet!) but I did it! My dream came true!
— Elizabeth Gray
Michelle commits herself wholeheartedly to anything she puts her mind to.
Michelle is very go with the flow. I believe that’s what’s made her able to learn, grow, and scale her businesses in quick time with no experience. Michelle’s go-with-the-flow attitude makes it so she’s typically able to set aside any frustrations/roadblocks/setbacks and stay focused on moving forward. Michelle is amazing and a weirdo at the same time.. She inspires me everyday and I think that anyone would be lucky to have her in their life as a mentor and friend.
— Elise Beck


50 States.

6 Months.

1 Documentary. 

Watch the trailer:

Coming February 2019

Michelle Wax, 28 year old entrepreneur and author travels to 50 states across the USA interviewing Americans from all walks of life on what brings them joy and happiness in their every day life. 

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Not just a American Happiness movement. 

Leading up to and throughout the filming, Michelle will be documenting her day to day life meeting and pursuing happiness through the eyes of Americans from all across the country. 

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Followers are encouraged to submit their own stories of happiness and joy via #americanhappiness hashtag!



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Boston College

January 29th 2019

Chestnut Hill, MA

Providence College

Monday February 11th

Providence, RI

Bryant University

Thursday February 14th

Smithfield, RI


Temple University

Wednesday February 20th

Philadelphia, PA

University of Maryland

Wednesday February 20th

College Park, MD

US Naval Academy

Thursday February 21st

Annapolis, MD

University of Delaware

Friday February 22nd

Newark, DE

Duke University

Tuesday February 26th

Durham, NC

Startup Exchange | Georgia Tech

Friday March 1st

Atlanta, GA

Tulane University

Thursday March 21st

New Orleans, LA


Speaking events. Fireside chats. Individual programs on training your minds for happiness. 


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